Our Quality

Master carpenters ensure that each building reaches a quality of the highest standard in both components and materials used in the building process.

The Floor

The floor starts with the 4×6 pressure treated skids on which the foundation of the building is formed. The floor is then framed using pressure treated 2×6’s or 2×4’s, depending on the size of the building, with a 16” on center spacing to allow for maximum sub-floor strength and integrity. The final aspect of the flooring is the actual decking itself. We are proud to install ¾” pressure treated plywood on all of our buildings giving you a floor system that will stand the test of time.

The Walls

Aesthetics and durability are the two major functions the siding and wall framing serve. Our walls are constructed with the finest grade pressure treated siding available. The wall framing utilizes 2×4 studs spaced 24” on center and where applicable are secured with hurricane clips/design specifications that meet State of Florida wind code requirements.

The Roof

In order to insure the longest lasting defense while giving the most uniform appeal, all of Southern Storage Solutions roofing is finished with asphalt shingles that carry a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. In order to cut down on damage caused by internal moisture in your building, we install ridge vents, roof vents or end louvered vents to protect your building and ensure the release of excess moisture. We also install 15 pound felt on each building for better protection.


Southern Storage Solutions uses pressure treated lumber in the entire floor system, siding and trim of your building. This allows us to give a ten year warranty against decay or termite damage. If the pressure treated lumber is ever damaged by decay or termites, Southern Storage Solutions will replace the damaged lumber free of charge.

– 10 year warranty on all pressure lumber
– 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on all roof shingles
– 1 year warranty on workmanship

The above warranty includes all re-conditioned, pre-owned, aged buildings and of course, all new buildings.